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Making the queue a stack


  • David St. Hilaire started the conversation

    Hi Joao, me again..

    I believe I asked about this before, not too sure. Is there a way that we can make the queue a stack? I'd like to have the app so that when I click one song and it begins playing and then I click another song, then that second song I click begins to play and the first one I clicked stops, and goes under, instead of the second song I click going into a queue. So basically what the subject of this ticket says, making the queue work as a stack.

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    Joao replied


    I dont think that is possible without some big changes to the player. Right now we dont really have this feature. You would need to look under https://github.com/colthreepv/angular-media-player and find a way to integrate on the site if it supports it.

    Best regards
    Joao Garin