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Reward notifications


  • Anthony started the conversation

    When someone purchases a reward, the person who created the reward should be notified. How do you recommend doing that? Is there a place for users to see the rewards that were purchased? I am trying to understand the workflow of managing rewards? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Joao replied


    Regarding notifications, the site already does that by default using the default Commerce notification email for the user that bought the reward, it uses rules so something similar could be done for the "owner" of the project. So I would definitely recommend using Rules. Maybe take a look at here : admin/config/workflow/rules/reaction/manage/commerce_checkout_order_email (in your own site) and take an idea, basically instead of sending the email to the user that makes the purchase (client) do it for the owner of the product that was bought (maybe you need to handle if supporting multiple rewards in one single purchase).

    The workflow on managing rewards how it works in the theme by default is that rewards are treated as single products, so basically you can get a list of buyers for a product, and with that you can make the workflow on top..to make sure to actually reward the proper users etc. Maybe using views, that can depend on how the site works (crowdfunding sites sometimes may work differently from another).

    Let me know if there is some more specific questions on this.

    Best regards
    Joao Garin