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drupal stylesheet not applied in admin view


  • Pierre started the conversation

    I decided to try out the logancee theme with drupal commerce to try building a shop prototype so I could offer it to customers.

    I have just made a fresh install using the "bags" theme.
    It appears that when using the admin overlay, the theme's stylesheet doesn't get applied (see screenshot).

    What is the fix for that?

    Thank you & best Regards

    Pierre Henriot

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    Joao replied


    From that picture it looks as the theme does get printed, but it seems to just have no content. Since you created it on top of an existing site you will have to create the content manually.

    You can find some information on that here : https://themonkeythemes.ticksy.com/article/6650/

    Best regards
    Joao Garin

  • Pierre replied

    Hello Mr. Garin

    No, this is not correct, I installed the logancee profile including the data.
    However, everything seems to be fine now.
    Maybe it was a chaching issue.

    Best Regards

    Pierre Henriot

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    Joao replied

    Ah okay sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes it could very well have been caching

    Glad its working now.

    Best regards
    Joao Garin