CSS Files and Structure

In simplicity theme there are four CSS files inside the "css" folder. The first one "colors" defines colors and only colors for the theme. This file is integrated with the Drupal color module (for easily change colors on the theme through the administrator interface - see chapter "Colors"). The second file is flexslider.css, only used by the flexslider slideshow module. The third one called style.css has all the styling for the theme. the fourth one is custom.css, if you would like to override theme css without affecting the default provided use this file.

If you would like to edit a specific section of the site, simply find the appropriate label in the CSS file (style.css), and then scroll down until you find the appropriate style that needs to be edited. For example for changing alignment on blog titles:

    .node-blog .title{
        change styles here:

To find the right place for the part of the CSS you want to edit find the main components commented in the css file :

            #hero {
    background: #FFFFFF;
    position: relative;

The theme uses bootstrap so most of the CSS is coming directly from bootstrap.css files imported, if you want to change these styles you could override any class inside the style.css file. For more information on bootstrap see http://getbootstrap.com/