Making Cutomizations

The Funded site includes a subtheme for easier management of customizations and future updates. All customizations should be made inside the folder sites/all/themes/fundedvisual_subtheme folder.

By using a subtheme and keeping all customizations inside the sites/all/themes folder it will be easy to upgrade the theme with future updates by just replacing the main theme inside profiles/themes/funded.

The subtheme includes a css file inside sites/all/themes/fundedvisual_subtheme/css/styles.css where css customizations should be made. 

All theme related customizations should be made within this theme and nothing should be done in the profiles/funded folder!

This theme inherits all the main css and preprocessing functions from the main theme so when upgrading all new elements will automatically be inherited by this theme as well.


To learn more about subthemes in Drupal and how they work see the following link : https://www.drupal.org/node/225125


Changing templates (tpl files)

To make a change on a template simply copy the template into the templates folder of the subtheme and make the changes there.


Changing CSS 

To change css include the new CSS like mentioned in the sites/all/themes/fundedvisual_subtheme/css/styles.css


Changing Colors

Colors should be changed using sass inside the subtheme in the folder sass/settings.scss. all the theme variables are inside this file. By changing the css here you can use this settings in your own sass files (if you use theme just @import this file). After changing the settings here make sure to recompile the file profiles/themes/funded/css/styles.scss so that the theme includes your newly changed variables.


Change Javascript

To change javascript include the new javascript into the subtheme. any javascript file will have to be registered in the theme's info file like mentioned in the Drupal documentation : https://www.drupal.org/node/304255