Application structure

The application is organized in a way that is easy to fnd and change any script,  and complying with the standards defined in the angular styleguide

Source folder (src)

Contains all the application logic, it includes the index (html file) all components, modules service and assets for the application.


The application logic lives here. It includes all components, services, modules and route definitions. If you are looking for any component this folder is where it will be located. The folder is organized by modules, the root folder includes the app module (app.module.ts). All other modules have their own folder (user, artists, playlist etc).


Includes all the assets for the theme. Images and sample data (only applicable when not using firebase) are included here.


Configuration for environment. Includes things that you may want to differentiate from production and development like : 

  • firebase configuration
  • whether to use or not firebase
  • production flag


Includes all the global styles and definition for the material theme. More information is available on the Styles -Material Configuration section


The index.html for the application